Historic Performance Podcast #7 - Aiden Oakley


In the seventh episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Aiden Oakley.  He is a former S&C coach for the Scotland Institute of Sport working with Rugby Union and former assistant S&C coach for the London Broncos Rugby League Club.  His latest assignment was as a Performance Specialist for EXOS contracted out to Qatari soccer club Al-Arabi FC.

Unlike many of the previous guests, who have solely specialized in soccer, Aiden has worked with a variety of sports throughout his career including soccer, rugby, American football, baseball and lacrosse.  After graduating from the University of Birmingham, he came over to the United States to intern with Mike Boyle in Boston, MA.

This experience greatly shaped his S&C career because it allowed him to work with athletes from a variety of sports that had different sport cultures and different needs.  In many ways, Aiden strongly believes that getting out of your comfort zone makes you a better S&C coach because it provides you with more tools in your toolbox.  

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • Aiden Oakley's Background
  • The difference between Rugby Union v Rugby League
  • How he landed an internship with Mike Boyle in the United States
  • What he learned during his internship with Mike
  • The challenges of working with limited time and a limited budget at the London Broncos
  • His thoughts on concussion prevention 
  • Lower body training for rugby players
  • Rotational power & strength
  • Why he transitioned to soccer after working with rugby?
  • What were some challenges that he faced working with soccer players?
  • Recommendations for S&C coaching starting out their career
  • Recommended Resources

To contact Aiden Oakley:

Twitter: @ajoakley

Recommended Resources

1) Rugby Strength Coach

2) Dan Howells - England S&C Coach for Rugby 7s

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