Historic Performance Podcast #99 - Devan McConnell


In the 99th episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Devan McConnell. Devan is the Head Hockey Sports Performance Coach at University of Massachusetts Lowell.

In this role, Devan is responsible for the oversight and development of all aspects of physical develop for the Ice Hockey team, including strength, speed, and power development, energy system development, nutrition, recovery and regeneration, physiological monitoring, sport science, technology integration, as well as coordination of analytics, long term athletic development, and tactical periodization.

Prior to joining UMass Lowell, McConnell served as a Sports Performance Coordinator at Stanford University from 2008-11. He worked closely with the women's basketball team, along with men's and women's volleyball, all of which were regulars in the NCAA Tournament. During his tenure, Women’s basketball competed in 3 straight Final Fours, the Women’s volleyball team competed in two Final Fours, the men's volleyball program won the 2010 NCAA Championship. Before his appointment to Stanford, McConnell worked at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, one of the leading sports performance facilities in the Northeast. 

In this episode, Devan discusses using the concept of tactical periodization for ice hockey, physiological monitoring, and recovery and regeneration.

Overview of Podcast Episode

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • Overview of UMass Lowell & collegiate ice hockey 
  • Tactical periodization & college ice hockey
  • UMass Lowell ice hockey in-season microcycle
  • Physiological monitoring & athlete management system
  • Data collection & feedback
  • Recovery & regeneration between games
  • Most influential piece of advice given by a mentor or colleague
  • How to contact?

Connect with Devan

E-mail: Devan McConnell

Twitter: @DMcConnell29

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