Historic Performance Podcast #96 - Anthony White


In the 96th episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Anthony White. Anthony is the 1st Team Assistant Goalkeeping Coach & Goalkeeper Specific Sport Scientist at AFC Bournemouth.

In December 2013, Anthony became the youngest goalkeeping coach in English professional football working for Oldham Athletic at the age of 22. At Oldham, he was responsible for goalkeeping sessions, analysis, recruitment, and strength & conditioning sessions for the 1st team. 

At the moment, Anthony is undertaking a PhD at Leeds Trinity University focusing on understanding and quantifying the physiological demands placed on soccer goalkeepers both in training and during games.

In this episode, Anthony discusses integrating sports science with coaching from a goalkeeping perspective, the physiological demands placed on a goalkeeper both during training and games, and specific case studies as to how data can aid with coaching delivery to improve technical deficiencies.  

Overview of Podcast Episode

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • Overview of sports science & goalkeeping department at AFC Bournemouth
  • Data Collection - What are the demands placed on a goalkeeper at AFC Bournemouth during training & games
  • Using data & performance analysis to build a weekly schedule for goalkeepers
  • Differences between creating a weekly microcycle for a goalkeeper compared to outfield players
  • Case Study: Left to Right Dive Imbalance
  • Further areas to explore when it comes to physiological goalkeeper research
  • How to contact?

Connect with Anthony

Twitter: @GKCoachSportSci

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