Historic Performance Podcast #8 - Albert Altarriba Bartes


In the eighth episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Albert Altarriba Bartes. Previously, Albert worked as a physiotherapist for FC Barcelona for 6 years before moving to the United States to become the Head of Fitness & Performance for the New York Red Bulls. He left that position this past August to become a Professor of Exercise Science at the Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya.

Prior to this episode, I have interviewed fitness coaches and sports scientists from the United States and England.  However, soccer is an international sport.  As such, I felt it necessary to bring on someone that started off their career for Spanish giants FC Barcelona.  As you will learn from this episode and other episodes that have fitness coaches from Spain, the mindset is quite different.  There is less of an emphasis on gym based S&C and more of an emphasis on functional training + conditioning just using the ball.  

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • Albert's Background
  • How he landed his job at FC Barcelona
  • The role of a Sports Rehabilitator/Physiotherapist at Barca
  • Why he moved to the United States
  • Training and cultural difference between Spain and the United States
  • Importance of Nutrition & Sleep in Injury Prevention
  • Using Body Fat Testing as a motivator for players to eat well
  • Fit for 90 Player Monitoring System  
  • Offseason Programming + Communication
  • Recommendations for young fitness coaches starting out their career
  • Resources - Post below under Recommended Resources

To contact Albert Altarriba Bartes:

Twitter: @altarribartes

E-mail: Albert Altarriba Bartes

Albert's Recommended Resources

1) Pubmed

2) Yann Le Meur's Website

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