Historic Performance Podcast #5 - Matthew Ibrahim


In the fifth episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Matthew Ibrahim, the founder of Mobility 101 & the Director of Strength & Conditioning for Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness.  Outside of these roles, Matthew works as an S&C consultant for youth and high school soccer teams in the Medford, MA area.  

Matt is a genius when it comes to assessing & correcting faulty movement patterns to optimize sports performance and ultimately prevent many non-contact injuries.  His motto and model is simple "Building Stronger, More Resilient Human Movement and Performance."

Throughout the episode, he talks about how he uses this model with the youth soccer players in his area to build a solid movement and strength foundation.  High school soccer, especially for females (talented male players might be picked up by MLS Academies) in the United States plays an important role in player development.  Unfortunately, many times high schools don't have the resources to optimally develop youth players into college athletes & for some professional players.

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • Matthew Ibrahim's Background
  • Matt's Coaching Philosophy - Injury Prevention by Optimizing Performance
  • How he started working as a consultant with high school teams in his area
  • Pre-season fitness tests and assessments
  • His method to spotting movement dysfunction and correcting it
  • High School Soccer Coaches: How to have them buy-in into S&C?
  • Programming for the youth athlete: Novice vs. Advanced Group
  • Thoughts on early specialization for the youth athlete
  • Recommendations for young S&C coaches 

To contact Matthew Ibrahim:

Website: Mobility 101

Facebook: Mobility 101

Twitter: @mobility_101

E-mail: Matthew Ibrahim

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