Historic Performance Podcast #4 - Paul Bower


In the fourth episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Paul Bower, Head of Academy Sports Science & Medicine at Barnsley Football Club.  Paul is a good friend of Luke Jenkinson, even though they work for rival clubs.  As such, I wanted to bring Paul on the show to highlight how they develop youth at the Barnsley Academy and how it slightly differs from Sheffield United despite only being 30 minutes away from one another.  

Paul discusses his strength & movement model and how players should ideally develop from a physical standpoint as they increase in age and maturation.  Many of the ideas overlap with Luke's, but there are some key differences mainly due to budgetary restrictions. Nevertheless, Barnsley has produced Premiership caliber players including John Stones, who currently plays at Everton.  

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • Paul Bower's Background
  • Youth Player Development - Strength & Movement Journey Presentation
  • When should male soccer players start being physically loaded
  • How to develop Premiership level players on a budget
  • Testing mandated by the EPPP
  • How data has improved the physical development of youth soccer players
  • The importance of nutrition and sleep quality
  • Recommendations for S&C coaches starting their career

To contact Paul Bower:

LinkedIn: Paul Bower

Twitter: @pbower10

E-mail: Paul Bower

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