Historic Performance Podcast #92 - Dr. Mark Russell


In the 92nd episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Dr. Mark Russell. Dr. Russell is a Reader in Performance Nutrition & Applied Exercise Physiology at Leeds Trinity University. 

Dr. Russell's areas of teaching expertise focuses around applied exercise physiology, sports nutrition, and strength and conditioning. His current research interests focus primarily on the physiology of intermittent exercise and interventions to promote improvements in performance in team-sports athletes.

As a result of this research, Dr. Russell has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles, presented at international conferences and led multiple industry-funded contract research projects from inception to completion. He has also consulted with a range of professional rugby and football teams such as, Newcastle United Football Club, Sunderland Association Football Club, Welsh National Rugby Union, Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club, and Swansea City Association Football Club.  

In this episode, Dr. Russell discusses nutritional ergogenic aids, physiological responses to carbohydrate ingestion in soccer players, and half-time strategies to enhance second-half performance in team sports.

Overview of Podcast Episode

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • Overview of research review titled Half-Time Strategies to Enhance Second Half-Performance in Team Sports
  • Physiological changes that occur during half-time and their implications on performance
  • Heat maintenance strategies to maintain core temperate (Passive v. Active heat)
  • Re-warm up & post-activation potentiation during half-time
  • Modified hydro-nutritional practices & potential pitfalls of high glycemic index solutions
  • Caffeinated gum & prevention of degradation in cognitive and physical output during the 2nd half 
  • Advice to those interested pursuing a PhD in sports science or exercise physiology
  • How to contact?

Connect with Dr. Russell

E-mail: Dr. Mark Russell

Twitter: @DrMarkRu55ell

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