Historic Performance Podcast #91 - Sam Blanchard


In the 91st episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, I interview Sam Blanchard. Sam is the Academy Clinical Lead Physiotherapist for the Scottish Rugby Union.

Sam has a keen professional interest in the clinical reasoning behind rehabilitation and the variables that contribute towards effective program design. He has worked across several professional sports including football (Brighton & Hove Albion FC), hockey (Buffalo Sabres) and rugby union (Scottish Rugby Union).

In 2014, Sam published a theoretical model on rehabilitation progressions with Professor Phil Glasgow in the journal Physical Therapy in Sport. Currently, Sam and Phil are awaiting publication of an updated model of rehabilitation design that addresses progressions within an entire multi-faceted program, which has recently been accepted as an editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

In this episode, Sam discusses his multi-faceted theoretical rehabilitation model, non-linear pedagogy, and sensorimotor function progressions in rehabilitation.

Overview of Podcast Episode

Here is a brief outline of what we covered in the show - 

  • The 2014 Theoretical Model on Rehabilitation Progression 
  • Updated model of rehabilitation design looking at progressions within an entire multi-faceted program
  • The initial stages of injury - what should occur and what is important to know?
  • Does ice have a place during the initial stages?
  • Non-linear pedagogy & sensorimotor function progression within rehabilitation
  • Assessing player fitness during end stage rehabilitation
  • Getting to know Sam Blanchard
    • Favorite movie
    • Favorite fictional book
    • Most important quote or statement by a mentor or colleague and why was it so impactful?
  • How to contact?

Connect with Sam

Website: Plinths & Platforms

Twitter: @SJBPhysio_sport

LinkedIn: Sam Blanchard

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