• I educate and aim to make clients independent - One of the key areas that is lacking with personal training is education.  An educated client can move onwards without me and continue to be successful with their fitness and nutritional goals.  

  • I help clients accomplish their goals - A perfect plan doesn't work, if it can't be executed.  Most of you are extremely busy, so lets take the stress and guesswork out of training and nutrition.  Leave it up to me and I will give you the tools to be successful.

  • I value long-term success over a quick fix - Anyone with a decent background in personal training and nutrition can get someone lean for a short period of time.  However, my belief is that instilling long-term habits is more valuable in the end.  



  • Men and Women, usually between 25 - 45, who have athletic competition goals.  The majority of my online clients are young marketing, finance, and legal professionals, who are recreational soccer player, beginner powerlifters, and endurance athletes.
  • Those that I am confident that I can help.  If a person just needs to make a simple change to see the results that they want, then I will tell them rather than having them hire me.  I feel that this is the decent thing to do.  If a person has injuries or medical issues beyond my scope, then I will provide them with referrals to people that can help them.  



  • I work hard to become better educated and improve every single year.  I constantly browse information to find ways that I can better serve my clients.  In the long run, this makes life easier for everyone.
  • I have experience working with busy office professionals.  The more you work with a particular subset of people, the more that you understand their concerns and needs.
  • I develop relationships with people and make them feel more than just a client.  I limit my total client base, so I can keep the interaction personalized.  I am here to change people's lives, not steal their money.  



Simply fill out the form below.  After that I will review your application and get back to you within 24 hours.

There is absolutely no commitment by filling out the form.  It is merely to indicate that you are interested and see if this is a relationship that will work for the both of us.

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